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Vein treatment – amazing!!

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“Modern vein treatment these days is relatively quick and easy,” says vascular specialist Richard Evans, “especially when compared with the older vein treatments, such as stripping and even the heat treatments, like laser.”
Today, a surgeon mostly uses medical-grade adhesive to seal off varicose veins. It’s been around for a long time but is relatively new in New Zealand.
“We give a small local injection to numb the spot where the tube for the adhesive goes,” says Richard. “We dispense this adhesive in regular intervals along the vein, then press on it so it seals. After sealing, the problem vein is absorbed by the body over several months.”
Using this kind of treatment for varicose veins means there’s little down time or discomfort for the patient. “Sure you should take it easy the day after but that’s all, in fact you can walk straight after. And depending on the size and complexity of the vein, a leg can be treated in as little as 15 minutes.”