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To Zoom or not to Zoom

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  • 2 min read
Zooming elderly man

Covid-19 has certainly changed a few things for us all. But we’ve been doing phone or Zoom consultations and follow ups for what seems like ages.

Phone or Zoom consultations and follow-up appointments cut travel and save time, especially if it’s not urgent.  Many of our varicose vein consultations can be done online.

“We just ask patients to send us photos of their troublesome veins. For their follow-up appointment after their procedure it means less disruption for what is usually a quick chat,” says vascular specialist Richard Evans.

Here’s how it works

You’re given an appointment time just like you would for an in-person consultation. We then phone you at the scheduled time or send you a link for you to join if Zoom is your preferred option. You can then organise your day  to suit. And it costs less for a phone or Zoom consultation ($75 online; $245 in person).

“It won’t suit every diagnosis,” says Richard, “but it does suit a lot of patients who don’t need to be seen face to face.

“A telehealth option for the elderly, especially, removes another pain point. Attending an appointment in person may mean lots of travel for as little as a 10-minute follow up. They’re delighted when they know they can ‘see us’ over the phone or Zoom.”