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Talking spider veins

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No need to cover your legs in summer because of your spider veins or to use concealer to hide them on your face, because these can be treated effectively with laser therapy.
Where are yours? You might have a cluster behind your knees or broken, darker blue ones on your face or just a couple of pesky ones you see on your shins each morning.
We offer treatment via Laser Aesthetics’ high-spec laser machine, which gently heats the veins so they collapse, seal and eventually improve or fade.
If feels like a rubberband flicking your skin. Gel is used to cool your skin and the laser has its own cooling tip, too. It’s especially important to get all veins checked if they’re aching or painful.
Book here for treatment by one of our vascular nurses or ph: 0800 45 45 99.
Richard Evans Vascular partners with Laser Aesthetics @ Bowen Centre, Crofton Downs, Wellington.