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REV Vascular Ultrasound

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REV Vascular Ultrasound Logo

New REV Vascular Ultrasound Website

We have a new website, REV Vascular Ultrasound, which will make it easier to request a vascular ultrasound scan. Requests are made either through the new website at www.vascularscans.co.nz or by phone or email.

The demand for vascular ultrasound is steadily increasing. Previously, scan requests would come through the Richard Evans Vascular website, whereas our new website will make vascular scans easier to request, leading to improved access for both referrers and patients.

Ultrasound Scan In Progress Using Probe On Stomach
Ultrasound Scan of the Aorta.

Scans Available

REV Vascular Ultrasound offers scans for venous and arterial conditions, mostly comprising scans for varicose veins, DVT, carotid disease, abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) and leg artery scans. We offer initial diagnostic scans, as well as vascular monitoring scans, also called surveillance. AAA is an example where regular scans can assess the growth of the aneurysm over time, resulting in better decisions about treatment and, ultimately, better outcomes for patients.

We book routine scans within 48 hours of the request and there are also appointments available for urgent scans, such as for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and stroke carotid artery assessment. We perform scans throughout the Wellington, Hutt Valley, Kapiti, Wairarapa and Palmerston North regions.

Some examples of common scans are:

  • leg artery assessment prior to commencing compression stockings
  • carotid artery assessment following a recent stroke or mini-stroke
  • leg veins assessment in patients with varicose veins or DVT.

REV Vascular Ultrasound Referrals

Patient referrals are mostly through patients’ family doctors, other specialists or allied health providers. Some patients refer themselves, because a referral is not necessary.

email : requests@vascularscans.co.nz

Tel: 0800 801 101

Web: www.vascularscans.co.nz


We send reports of the ultrasound scans to referrers within 48 hours or within 24 hours if the referral is urgent and if there are any unexpected urgent findings on the ultrasound, we will contact referrers as soon as possible to communicate the result promptly.

The advantage of having a vascular scan through us is that the patient and the referrer can receive a report, with a vascular surgical opinion embedded within it, allowing for more efficient patient care.

Please note: we do not do pregnancy scans – see your GP or other health professional for these.