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Modern vein treatment quick, easy

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Vein stripping. We all know someone, or of someone, who’s had it done! Whether it’s a niece, nana or any member of your whānau, the imagination and alarming story of the operation is always the same.

Today, there’s a different story to tell.  

Modern varicose vein treatment is quick and easy (with low-level discomfort) – it’s a procedure not an operation – you’re awake throughout and recovery is about 20 minutes in reception. You can have a day off after and then step up your activity from there.  

On the day we say allow a good hour and a half all up – this covers an explanation of the procedure, treatment and that 20 minutes recovery. Depending on the complexity of the vein problem and whether you need both legs treated, the actual ‘treatment time’ could be as little as 15 minutes.  

Our specialist uses a medical adhesive to seal off the problem vein (no stripping operation). He uses ultrasound as his guide. The vein is eventually absorbed.  

If you have puffy, aching legs, blood clots or bleeding you may have varicose veins – especially if relatives have had them or have them, because they’re hereditary.  

We do zoom or online consultations, as well as face to face. Call on 0800 45 45 88.