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Compression sock fittings

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Compression Stockings

Puffy legs? Varicose veins? On your feet all day?

You might benefit wearing compression socks. The correct fit is all important to get the most benefit. REV offers fittings in greater Wellington, up the Kapiti Coast, over the hill in the Wairarapa and in Palmerston North.

Medical grade ones or over-the-counter?

If you want to reduce the chance of sore and tired muscles after sport, then sport or over-the-counter ones should do the trick.

If you stand a lot on hard surfaces, you’re pregnant or have puffy legs, go for medical grade, same if you’re travelling long distance.

They don’t have to be full-on stockings. Compression socks to the knee work equally well to maintain blood flow.

Medical grade ones are graded with graduated compression – the pressure at the ankle is greater than at the knee to encourage blood or fluid to flow out of your leg.

Over-the-counter ones have less compression and usually don’t have graduated compression. We recommend class 1 grade for most because they’re strong, with graduated compression, yet are easy to put on.

Check out our medical grade ones here: