Do I need compression stockings?

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Rev Compression Stockings

This is one of our FAQs!

If your legs are puffy or sore at the end of the day or you stand a lot on hard surfaces for work, you could benefit from wearing compression stockings. We say to the knee is fine.

But not all compression is created equal.

We recommend medical grade because they have graduated compression  ­– the pressure at the ankle is greater than at the knee, which helps blood and fluids to flow out, helping to prevent blood clots or deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and to ease the aches of varicose veins.

Over-the-counter compression stockings or socks are fine to help manage muscle stress when playing sports but if you are suffering from tired and sore legs, and it’s affecting your everyday life, we recommend class 1 grade for most because the compression is strong yet they’re still easy to put on.

We offer free measure and fittings in all our clinics, see our contact form, because it’s important you get the right fit. Or if you prefer send us your measurements using our online form and we’ll make sure you get the best fit.