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Compression socks. Do I need them?

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Rev Compression Stockings

One of our most FAQs is whether I need compression socks. The purpose of compression socks or stockings, is to support the legs and prevent fluid build-up. They also provide relief for varicose veins, and leg swelling conditions such as lymphedema, oedema and lipoedema.

Compression socks need to be comfortable and as easy to put on as possible. As a result, they need to be carefully measured and fitted by an expert, to accommodate leg shape and size. Socks work in exactly the same way as compression stockings. Getting the righ size and fabric to suit your legs will result in a more comfortable and effective fit.

If you have aching or swollen legs, especially , you will get benefit from wearing compression. Generally, knee height is fine for most people.

Not all compression socks are equal

We recommend medical grade because they have graduated compression. This means that the pressure at the ankle is greater than at the knee or thigh. Following on from this, the graduated pressure creates a gradient which encourages the flow of blood or fluid out of the legs towards the heart. As a result, socks are effective in a range of problems from minor aches to varicose veins and swelling caused by deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Over-the-counter compression socks are fine to help manage muscle discomfort during or after exercise. But if you are suffering from tired, aching or swollen legs, we recommend medical grade socks or stockings fitted by an expert.

We offer measure and fittings in all our clinics. See our contact form, because it’s important you get the right fit. Or if you prefer, send us your measurements using our online form and we’ll make sure you get the best fit.