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Make a Booking: Varicose Veins and Artery Conditions

Is it time to book a consultation about your varicose veins or artery conditions, or would you like to discuss things first?

We’d love to hear from you. Phone, text, email or send us a booking enquiry below.

Appointments are available In-Person, and by phone or Zoom.

Jo & Toyah
Jo and Toyah
Richard Evans

Book your In-Person consultation

Your In-Person consultation costs $245 and we'll aim to provide it at a time that suits you. If we recommend you have treatment, we'll provide a quote. Follow-up appointments are free, and may be In-Person or by phone or Zoom, as required. If you have medical insurance, many treatments will be covered. Jo and Toyah will guide you through this process to make the paperwork side of things easier. We have various finance options available for varicose veins and artery treatments if you are not covered by medical insurance.


Book your phone or Zoom consultation

Your phone or Zoom consultation for varicose veins or artery conditions costs $75 (follow-up appointments are free). You can have your initial consultation or follow-up appointments via phone or Zoom. We’ll give you an appointment time just as if you were coming in person. We just need your email or mobile number to send you a link to your meeting.

Phone or Zoom consultations work well if you are time-pressured, have transport or mobility issues, or you live in a remote location. Both simple problems like varicose veins, and even complex problems can be managed very effectively this way.

Send us a booking enquiry

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