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Varicose Veins Treatment. Veins Visible on Lower Legs as Woman Sits on a Chair

Varicose Vein Treatments : VenaSeal vs Laser

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  • 4 min read

Current varicose vein treatments Varicose vein treatments are now minimally invasive, leading to excellent outcomes when compared to surgical stripping. Patients can expect safer treatments, resulting in less discomfort, and importantly, a quicker return to work or other normal activities. 1 There are two types of minimally invasive treatments, comprising… Read more…Varicose Vein Treatments : VenaSeal vs Laser

Varicose Veins, Spider Veins Hands Indicate Where They Are on Woman's Leg

Spider veins. What can I do?

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  • 5 min read

What are spider veins? Spiders veins and telangiectasias are small veins and arteries that are visible on the skin. Telangiectasias are very small spider veins. They are common and affect more than half of women by the age of 50 years. They are unsightly but may also cause symptoms like… Read more…Spider veins. What can I do?

Putting on Compression Stockings Anti ThromboticStockings

Compression stockings, DVT and PTS

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Compression Stockings and Post-thrombotic Syndrome (PTS) Leg swelling, venous eczema, skin discolouration with thickening, and leg ulcers, occur in about 20-50% of patients who develop deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This cluster of changes, which often occurs gradually over several years, is called post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS). The cause of PTS is… Read more…Compression stockings, DVT and PTS

REV Vascular Ultrasound Logo

REV Vascular Ultrasound

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New REV Vascular Ultrasound Website We have a new website, REV Vascular Ultrasound, which will make it easier to request a vascular ultrasound scan. Requests are made either through the new website at www.vascularscans.co.nz or by phone or email. The demand for vascular ultrasound is steadily increasing. Previously, scan requests… Read more…REV Vascular Ultrasound

Rev Compression Stockings

Compression socks. Do I need them?

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One of our most FAQs is whether I need compression socks. The purpose of compression socks or stockings, is to support the legs and prevent fluid build-up. They also provide relief for varicose veins, and leg swelling conditions such as lymphedema, oedema and lipoedema. Compression socks need to be comfortable… Read more…Compression socks. Do I need them?

Online consult - man with laptop, talking to doc

Services under Level 3 lockdown

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If you have any questions or concerns about your artery or vein condition please call us on 0800 45 45 88 or email: info@revascularconz.stage.site. We offer telemedicine consultations by phone or Zoom. Following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, we will be offering urgent treatments during level 3 lockdown… Read more…Services under Level 3 lockdown