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3 things about varicose veins…

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  • 2 min read
  1. They won’t go away on their own.
  2. You don’t get them from crossing your legs – no really.
  3. They’re not stripped out by operation – eek!

These become some of our most frequently asked questions.

Here we answer them.

1. Varicose veins won’t go away on their own. Our advice is the sooner you get them treated the better the outcome.

2. Most varicose veins are hereditary, so if your parents have or had them, chances are you could, too. You might not even be able to see them.

3. Our treatment at REV is modern, quick and easy, with low-level discomfort. You walk in before treatment and walk out soon after and depending on the complexity of the vein problem and whether you need both legs treated, treatment time could be as little as 15 minutes. Our specialist uses a medical adhesive to seal off the problem vein (no stripping operation, not even laser heat treatment), the procedure is monitored using ultrasound. The vein is eventually absorbed.

If you have tired, puffy or aching legs, a history of blood clots or bleeding you may have varicose veins. We do zoom or online consultations, as well as face to face. Call on 0800 45 45 88.